​It's everyone's responsibility to keep each other safe and connected.

Masked City helps express identity and encourage safety in the community through our hand-designed & crafted masks and customization services. This allows everyone to flex their identity while promoting safety and protecting themselves.

We are a clothing brand that began after the pandemic had caused major setbacks in local settings; reduced services, closing of small businesses, and a lack of social connection and identity.

We provide an opportunity to build brand awareness, express identity, and promote safety by customizing masks. We use high quality masks designed by a top LA fashion designer and customized by us.

Custom masks allow anyone to express themselves through a token of identity on their daily mask! We all have to wear them, so why not make them fashionable, comfy, breathable, and a part of how we identity ourselves.

Please follow our Instagram @maskedcity and feel free to contact us at info@maskedcity.com for custom orders and bulk orders of plain or customized masks. Thanks for visiting!